WMBS has long recognised its legal and moral duty in managing its operations such that any impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum.

WMBS encourages all staff to adopt a level up to best philosophy in all areas of operation with the express intention of ensuring that any environmental disruption or pollution is kept at the lowest possible level.

Health & safety is a critical element of the everyday activity of all aspects of the construction industry and it is imperative that standards are set and maintained by all members of the construction "team".

WMBS is fully aware of its obligations in this matter and implements a strict health & safety regime for all of its employees as there can be no exceptions when it comes to the implications of the company health & safety procedures.

WMBS health & safety procedures are administered by the appointed director who has the support of two external & independent H&S consultants. RBS Mentor Services provide a web based H&S, Employment Law & Environmental support facility as well as carrying out annual audits. Derwent Safety Centre provides site specific H&S support and on site safety audits. Between them they ensure that our H&S procedures are kept fully up to date with the latest legislation and are fully administered both in the office and on site.